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Challenge Aspen Volunteer Program

Challenge Aspen Volunteer Program 

Music and Dance Camp:

The camp is a week-long camp that provides people of all ages with disabilities the opportunity to perform in front of family, friends, and their community. This year we will be performing our version of “The Greatest Showman.” Volunteers are paired with a participant and act as their “buddy” for the week. Buddies support the participants by helping them with their lines, lyrics, and dance moves. During the performance, volunteers might be on stage, depending on their participants' needs. We do not require any experience with disabilities for volunteers, just the desire to learn! 

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer registration form linked here!

Special events: 

Golf Classic: 

  •         Dates: July 31st & August 1st
  •         Location: Snowmass Mass Club 
  •         Time: The event runs from 8 AM-4 PM, volunteers are needed for a portion or all of the time

Denim & Diamonds Gala: 

  •         Dates: July 23rd
  •         Location: T-Lazy 7 Ranch  
  •         Time: The event runs from 6 PM-10 PM, volunteers are needed from 9 AM-10 PM for a portion or all of the time

Aspen Valley Marathon: 

  •         Dates: July 16th
  •         Location: Aspen, CO  
  •         Time: Volunteers are needed from 5:30 AM-12 PM for a portion or all of the time
  •         All volunteers are able to register for the 5k or half marathon for free!

Challenge Aspen is able to provide hours/credit to students who are able to volunteer!

Below are infographics for their Music and Dance Camp, Special Events, and the Music Camp's Itinerary.

Magic of Music and Dance Camp

Special Events Info Graphic

Music and Dance Camp Itinerary