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District and School Safety and Security Measures Reviewed

ASD Safety Measures Reviewed


The ability to respond to any natural or man-made emergencies or disasters is an essential component of any Emergency Operations Plan. The process begins with comprehensive planning and collaboration between district employees and emergency responders and implementation of an Emergency Operations Plan. You may recall the actions all emergencies fall under and staff and students practice routinely are: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuation, or Shelter.


Our safety and security teams continue to review and update our current Crisis Response Plan, posted on the District Web site under the School Safety and Security link. This information assists the teams in implementing and revising the Emergency Operations Plan as necessary. The School Safety and Security Web site page is updated as needed; providing important information that addresses school safety and security, school closures, emergencies, and flu updates and facts. Please take a few minutes and review this important information.


Last spring a safety and security audit of the campus and the four schools was conducted by an outside third party.  A final report consisting of 250 pages was received in November. The Director of Facilities and I met with the building principals and appropriate directors to discuss the auditor’s findings around vulnerabilities and recommendations. The principals were asked to meet with their building leadership teams and place their facility’s recommendations into three categories: those that could be immediately addressed with little time and expense; those that would require more time and expense, but could be accomplished over the summer months; and those that were time intensive and would need to be part of a building remodel or new construction project. Securing our schools and making them a safe place for teaching and learning are critical measures in assisting us in accomplishing the District’s mission.


While we educate the community’s children, we will continue to ask principals to engage their staff, students, and parents in discussions about the safety and security of their respective facility and the students and staff in their facility. As the world changes and students and staff are exposed to a greater degree of potential risks, we will continue to give the safety and security of our employees and students the level of attention it deserves. This attention will require the District and schools to discuss such topics as open-school or campus, entry processes to get into our schools, and a public trail situated through the center of the campus. Let me encourage your participation in the important topic of safety and security at your child’s school. Please contact your child’s principal if you have questions or ideas to share.