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Real Time Stories: a new video series


There are so many innovative, challenging, and down-right fun things going on every day at the Aspen School that it’s hard to keep up. Many events are written about but sometimes in order to do them justice, we need to listen and watch them unfold.  


ASD Superintendent John Maloy has created Real Times Stories at Aspen School District, a video series where he interviews students and staff to get to the heart of special happenings all around campus.


“I’ve started this series because I was seeking alternative communication avenues to reach our community stakeholders,” says Maloy. “Some of our audience would like to receive information in a visual format and it gives me an opportunity to interact with students and staff to highlight the great works in the District.”


It isn’t just students in front of the camera. Freshmen Matthew Nicholas and Lewis Brown are the videographers and editors creating the continuity for these video stories. They are taking their interest in video production and getting real-world experience.


The first in the series addressed the AHS art department’s contribution to the Aspen Community’s celebration of 100 years of the Bauhaus Movement. The second video is an in-depth look at the FIRST Robotics teams and preparation for an upcoming tournament.


“Our goal is to produce at least one video a month,” says Maloy. “These videos are not scripted, polished, or professionally produced. We’re calling this series Real Time Stories because they’re told by real people, describing what’s important to them and therefore the district. I’m pleased to be a part of this project and look forward to helping the community get an inside view of a few of a few of the exciting things that our students and staff are doing here.” 


To view these videos, visit our Real Time Stories playlist on YouTube.