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Marijuana and the adolescent brain: An evening of insight

Marijuana Use Adolescents Aspen Think that marijuana has no effect on the developing brain? Think again. On Saturday, January 21, the Aspen School District hosted Is Marijuana Safe for Children and Adolescents? Describing the latest research about the effects of marijuana use on the developing adolescent brain.


The keynote speaker was Dr. Amir Levine, head of the Columbia University Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Amir presented his latest study, “Is Marijuana Safe for Children and Adolescents?” This research focuses on scientific facts, safety and the disturbing trend of increased use by youths based on less perceived risk due to legalization.


Also presenting was Dr. Peter Wiley, adult psychiatrist at Valley View Hospital.


“Despite the marijuana industry’s insistence that their products are safe, research demonstrates that this is not the case for adolescent users. Don’t accept the hype, teenagers should not be smoking pot,” Tharyn Mulberry, principal, Aspen High School.


A questions and answer session took place after the presentations.


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