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    As the Superintendent of the Aspen Schools, I’m proud of the accomplishments of the District and the schools, the academic and athletic achievements of our students, and I take pride in our quality faculty and staff.

    I understand how important the success of our schools is to our staff, parents, and the community. We share this information in an attempt to provide an accurate and unbiased view of our students’ progress and the state of our District. While we have much to be proud of, such as all of our schools and the District being accredited with the State’s highest performance rating, we also acknowledge we have opportunities for improvement. This year we have a strong focus on monitoring the progress of our Math and Literacy curriculums, with an emphasis on vertical alignment and improving the transitions between individual schools.

    In our effort to be transparent, I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding the data, evidence, or information presented. If there is information currently not available on the web page that you believe is important, please let us know by CLICKING HERE to communicate your ideas.


    John Maloy
    Dr. John Maloy
    Superintendent of Schools