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2016-2017 New Student Enrollment Information

Outlined below is a step by step process for Enrolling a New Student at Aspen High School for the 2016-2017 school year. 

1. Register a new student via our online registration portal Registration Gateway.  http://registration.aspenk12.net/ Click on the RED start button to begin.  As part of your on-line registration you will be prompted to schedule an appointment to meet with our High School Counselors.  If you are not prompted to make an appointment please contact Jolaine Pfeifer, AHS Registrar. You are REQUIRED to meet with a Counselors to create your class schedule.  

2. Attend your appointment.  Before you meet with your assigned Counselor you will need to meet with the High School Registrar to hand in your REQUIRED registration documents.  Because of this, you are asked to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  You will need to bring COPIES of the following documents to your registration appointment.  These documents will be collected from you at your registration meeting.  We can also accept electronic copies of these documents (via fax or e-mail attachment) if you are unable to provide these documents to us physically prior to your registration appointment.

Required Registration Documents

  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Parental proof of identity (passport or photo ID)
  • Custody agreement/court order (if parents are separated or divorced)
  • Court-ordered guardianship papers  (if the student resides with someone other than a natural parent)
  • Immunization record
  • Transcript (grades 9-12)
  • (2) Two acceptable documents as Proof of Residency.  See the Proof of Residency requirements below.

3. After you complete your visit in the counseling office you will be directed to the High School Financial Secretary/Administrative Assistant, Danielle Pratt to pay for your school fee’s.  Payments for school fees will only be accepted in July and August. Please note that these fee' s may change.  Here is a list of our school fees at they are currently constituted:     

        $10 Locker Deposit (can be paid in cash or on-line)

        $25 Copy & Print Fee

        $35 Book Fee (All students grades 9-11, including new students)

       $25 Book Fee (Seniors only) 

        $80 Parking Permit (Seniors Only)

        $120 Sports Participation (per student, per sports season)

We also offer the opportunity for you to pay for these school fees electronically, via our school website

CLICK HERE: to access our SCHOOL FEES payment page
CLICK HERE: to access our LUNCH payment page

If you have questions about our registration process or require assistance please contact Registrar, Jolaine Pfeifer.  jopfeifer@aspenk12.net, 970-925-3760 ext. 1177.

Proof of Residency includes the following items: 1 document from Category A AND 1 document from category B

1 document from Category A:

  • Mortgage statement OR 
  • Deed indicating ownership OR 
  • Notarized lease Along with Lease Form Letter, if necessary

*Lease agreements must be through the entire school year                

1 document from Category B:

  • Recent Utility Bill – ex: Electric, Gas, Cable, Water 

*The above proof must be current and contain the physical address in the name of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Both pieces of documentation can be requested by ASD at any time to verify residency.

To view the District’s Student Admission Policy JF, please click on the link Student Admission Policy

Click here to view the 2016-2017 Course of Study
Click Here if you would like to apply for Free or Reduced Lunches/Alternate Program Funding Eligibility 

A notice to Out of District students interested in attending AHS – We are currently not accepting students that do not reside within the Aspen School District boundaries. Any future enrollment openings will be decided by the Aspen High School Principal. Student will be chosen by “lottery” of existing request forms.  Out of District Enrollment Request Form