Christie Potter 6th Grade Advanced Math

  • Welcome to Christie Potter's 6th Grade Advanced Math Course! My Schoolwires page is designed to aid students and parents throughout the year.
    Provided here is a link to our online textbook. All of the homework can be done using the online textbook. Once you have accessed the book, remember to select the correct chapter. You can also access online tutorials of examples from the book, which can be very helpful when missing class. If you prefer that your child work from a hard copy of the textbook, one will be provided upon request.
    Google Classroom:
    access code: 44qo1u

Google Classroom

  • Students are using Google Classroom to access their assignments, announcements, calendars, and homework.  It is a collaborative environment in which important class information and files are shared. Only students in our aspenk12 domain can access Google Classroom. You are encouraged to have your child log in and show you how this powerful tool helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate, and be organized in a private environment.


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