Google Classroom

  • Students are using Google Classroom to access their assignments, announcements, calendars, and homework.  It is a collaborative environment in which important class information and files are shared. Only students in our aspenk12 domain can access Google Classroom. You are encouraged to have your child log in and show you how this powerful tool helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate, and be organized in a private environment.


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    The sixth grade is sponsoring a mentorship program that we are asking all students to participate in.  This link will describe the project and provide you with a mentorship project sheet which is required before the mentorship can begin.  If you have questions, please call or e-mail Mark Munger. 

Service Learning


    Our sixth grade team will be participating in a service learning project next May.  Click this link for a description of the project.  We are asking the students to contribute $75 that they have earned, in some way, to the project.  We feel that by working and earning money to donate to the project is a valuable experience.  We have two fundraisers available for students to participate in, if they wish.  The Dutch Mill Bulb Co. has a fall bulb sale and we will have a holiday wreath sale starting in early November. 

    Click here to access the Dutch Mill Bulb Co. order form for bulbs.  Students will receive credit for 50% of their sales.  For example, if a student sold $100 worth of bulbs they would receive a $50 credit.  If students open up the "Team Mueller/Munger & Schmidt Extras" class in Google Classroom, they will find a letter template to send to potential customers.  The letter can be addressed to a friend or relative, customized, and e-mailed or mailed to notify them of the bulb sales.  All online sales and deliveries will go through Dutch Mill Bulb Co. so students will not need to collect money or deliver the bulbs.  If students choose to make personal sales, they will need to have an order form.  Money will need to be collected from the customer along with order details.  Money and order forms will then be turned into Johanna Mueller.  When the bulbs arrive, around October 1, students will need to deliver them to the customers. All checks should be made to Aspen School District.

    The wreath sales will begin in early November with the goal of having wreaths ready for delivery by Thanksgiving.  As with the bulbs, students will receive credit for 50% of their sales.

    We highly recommend one or both of these fund raisers as it is fairly easy for students to raise their portion of the Service Learning money.

    Contact for bulb sales: Johannah Mueller

    Contact for wreath sales: Mark Munger