• Welcome to the Aspen School District

    Our goals in the Aspen School District are to meet the needs of all learners, to ensure that every student reaches his or her full potential, and to pledge that our graduates are prepared for life, learning, and leadership as they enroll in college and/or enter the workforce. In order to accomplish our goals, strategies such as the following are implemented:
    • Maintain a clear and shared sense of purpose focused on student learning;
    • Create high achieving learning environments for all students;
    • Reduce the achievement gap and enhance learning opportunities for all students;
    • Use assessments to measure student achievement and instructional practice while tying assessment design and content to new outcomes;
    • Develop people and their capacity to learn as this learning leads an organization toward the pursuit of quality and excellence.
    Aspen School District continues to be recognized for excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts, and that commitment remains, in spite of a state budget crisis and significant cuts in state funding for public education, including the Aspen schools. The Board of Education and the District's administrators work closely with staff, parents, and community members to create and approve an annual budget that continues to deliver the educational excellence our students deserve and our community expects. Our mission remains as strong as ever.

    The recognitions and achievements of the schools are many and are the result of board and administrator leadership, teacher and staff dedication, community support, and parent involvement over an extended period of time. This synergy doesn't come easily in most school districts and is rarely sustained when it does occur.

    Whether you are a member of the current graduating class or just beginning your educational experience in preschool or kindergarten, every student in the District can count on each year to be filled with learning, laughter, and life-enriching experiences.

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    Dr. John Maloy
    Superintendent of Schools