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     District Mission:  Students will realize their full potential, appreciate the relevance of
                             their education, be excited to learn, and be empowered for success!


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Board News

  • The Board approves Resolution in Support of Amendment 73!

    • Colorado ranks 48th nationally in personal income invested in education
    • in the 2017-18 school year alone, $672.4 million intended for Colorado schools was withheld in order to balance the state budget
    • the loss to the Aspen School District exceeds $18 million since 2009
    • Amendment 73 will bring Colorado's investment in public education closer to the national average by raising an estimated $1.6 billion dollars annually 
    • Amendment 73 will provide an additional $3.3 million of on-going annual revenue to the Aspen School District, where the Board commits to focusing on priorities such as:
        - recruitment and retention of our highly effective teachers and staff
        - current and additional programming in areas of interest to our students
        - adoption of integrated and comprehensive technology solutions
        - impactful professional development and training for our teachers and staff
        - programs and staffing for our Special Education student popution
        - closing the opportunity gap for our under-performing student population
    • Amendment 73 represents an opportunity for Colorado citizens to affirm the importance of public education to our state

    Board Academy
    Have you ever been curious about serving on the Board of Education? Want to learn more about what the Board does? 

    Every year ASD board members try to attend the National School Association’s annual convention. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see what other districts are doing and consider best practices. Something that inspired us this past year, which we loved, is what we’re calling our “Board Academy”. We see this as a chance to offer exposure and educational opportunities about the Aspen School District and Board of Education and its functions to community members who may have an interest in running for a Board seat.  It’s also just a great opportunity for anyone looking to further understand the District and how it operates. 

    The Academy will consist of six monthly sessions, beginning October, concluding May and excluding December and March. It will be the second Wednesday of the month in the District Boardroom from 5:00pm – 6:00pm. The first session will be Wednesday October 10th. 

    Here is a list of our curriculum topics:

    • Oct 10 - Inner workings of the Aspen School District – Administration and its Buildings
    • Nov 14 - School Funding & Finance
    • Jan 16 - Board of Education Functions & Coherent Governance
    • Feb 13 - Stakeholder Groups of the District:  AEF, FAB, DAC, SAC.
    • Apr 10 - What to Know about Elections
    • May 8 - Attend a Board of Education Meeting

    The Board Academy is free and open to the public. Space is limited. Please consider joining us. We look forward to sharing with you. Email your interest in attending to Angela at arittenhouse@aspenk12.net.

    Board Goals/Priorities for the 2018-19 School Year:

    1. Academics - Continue to monitor progress for our Math and Literacy curriculums, with an emphasis on vertical alignment and improving the transitions between individual schools.

    2. Climate and Culture – The Board believes creating an exemplary climate and culture for teaching and learning in the Aspen School District is an important and never-ending task. The Board will continue the effort to improve our organizational climate throughout the District by modeling, and encouraging others to model, key behaviors that help to build a positive climate such as enhanced and constructive communications, openness and fairness, inclusive decision making processes, and authentic leadership efforts that practice empathy, respect, and compassion when dealing with other District members.

    3. Employee Housing – Develop an understanding of the number and type of housing units for which the District has a real need. Complete the West Ranch housing expansion.

    4. Fiscal Planning – Continue long-term financial planning taking into particular consideration the bonds that are to be repaid and the funding measures that sunset over the next five years.

    5. Communications – Continue to strengthen our public relations and outreach to the Aspen community. Create opportunities for two-way communication with our constituents. Have rotating members post a monthly blog on the BOE webpage.


  • If you have any questions or problems finding and/or accessing specific Board information please contact Angela Rittenhouse, secretary to the Board of Education, at 970/925-3760 x4007 or arittenhouse@aspenk12.net.