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    All Driver's Ed Schools are closed per the State of Colorado current date is April 30. In addition, all DMV locations are closed. Therefore, we are unable to proceed with any behind the wheel, permit tests, or drive tests until further notice from the state. 

     Our scheduled 30 hours classroom is also canceled for the 4th quarter. Please see our online option for proceeding with the required 30 hour instruction.


    Thank you and please be well.

    Please note: The Aspen School District supports Driver's Education, but it is not a district or high school program. All questions regarding Driver's Education should be directed to Jamie Mahaffey and NOT to High School or District Administration.

    The Driver's Education Program is licensed by the State of Colorado to offer a Comprehensive Classroom Course, Behind the Wheel Instruction, and the State Driver License Drive Exam. Please see below for additional information and to register for one of these programs.

    Registration is a 2 step process.
    First, you must register on one of the rosters for the services listed below in blue type on this page. Then if you are paying online with a Credit or Debit Card, you must also register and pay at the payment link below. We do accept a check (made out to Aspen School District) or cash that must be submitted to the drive examiner or classroom instructor at the first meeting or at the exam.

    We prefer to have all fees paid in advance by Credit or Debit card. Please click on the following link.  e Funds for School

    When paying by Credit or Debit Card, be sure to print the online receipt and give it to the classroom instructor or drive examiner. You will not be issued any DMV forms until your account is paid in full. 

    Cancellation/No Show Policy
    When our instructors schedule a driving session or test with you, they must be available for you at that time and can not accommodate any other students or activities. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment or arrive too late to complete the session or test, you will be charged full price for that missed appointment. This fee will be due before any additional services are rendered.
    In order to avoid this fee, you must cancel with your instructor more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.


    Please select one of our services below for more information



    If you have any additional questions, please contact Jamie Mahaffey
    Program Coordinator, Instructor, Drive Examiner:
    Jamie Mahaffey
    Instructor, Drive Examiner: 
    Georgina Levey
    Reghan Mahaffey
    Danielle Pratt
    970.925.3760 ext1124