District Accountability Committee
    Sarah Daniels 
    Mary Ellen Moore 
    2022-23 Membership
    Sarah After
    Sarah Daniels
    Christa Gieszl
    Lyndsey Haynie
    Courrtland Kirk
    Eileen Knapp
    Lindsey Port
    Suzy Zimet


  • District Accountability Committee (DAC)

    District Advisory Accountability Committee (Standing Committee): 

    A.  Purpose:

         1)  Make recommendations to the Board relative to the program of accountability. 

         2)  Review the goals/objectives and plans of individual schools and make annual recommendations to the Board regarding procedures for implementation of the plans for inclusion in the district budget. 

         3)  After consulting with school accountability committees, make recommendations to the Board relative to priorities for expenditures of district funds. 

         4)  Provide consultation on adoption, revision and implementation of a district safe school plan. 

    B.  Membership (appointed or approved by the Board): The Board will strive to have a balance of membership on the committee consistent with the district’s racial/ethnic proportions as follows:

         1)  At least one parent. 

         2)  One teacher. 

         3)  One school administrator. 

         4)  One taxpayer from the district. 

    C.  Authority: Advisory to the Board

    Colorado Department of Education District Accountability Committee Responsibilities