• Dear Families:

    This school year is like no other, and we want to create a yearbook unlike any other year. 

    We want to authenticate and validate students’ stories and lived experiences, The ‘20 and the ‘21 books will be the coronavirus books. These books hopefully, are going to capture and memorialize this moment in time that we’re all living through together. We’re documenting history and this is a huge historical moment, this is going to be something that kids study in history classes 50 or 60 years from now.

    As the yearbook advisor, I have a special perspective when it comes to yearbooks. I’ve come to realize that yearbooks play a special role, not only for our schools and students, but as unique journalistic artifacts chronicling the biggest events in US history.

    To document this year, we are asking that families take photos of your child, family and friends (Aspen Middle School students only) during this school year. We would love to have photos that document:

    • on line-learning
    • outdoor activities
    • spending time with friends and classmates
    • spending time with family
    • in class learning
    • tutoring sessions
    • funny masks candids
    • class projects

    You may upload the photos to this link: www.plicbooks.com/go/YW6FQ

    I’m also asking that you tag each photo and list their grade, so we know who the student is. Again, this is for Aspen Middle School students only (grades 5th - 8th).

    If you have any suggestions/questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at tkuhn@aspenk12.net


    Tonya Kuhn
    Yearbook Advisor
    Aspen Middle School