Strategic Plan Feedback

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    Why a strategic plan?

    Like all good plans, we started this work with “Why?” The leadership team identified three reasons for the Aspen School District to develop a strategic plan. These reasons are: 

    1. Decision making and clarity: A strategic plan allows for transparent decision making and creates clarity around the goals of the district. 
    2. Vision, values, excellence: A strategic plan articulates the vision for the district and defines the work we do. Our values become apparent in the actual work we are doing. As a result of the strategic plan, our academic indicators will be realized. 
    3. Culture and trust: A strategic plan creates the conditions for collaboration, transparency, and common goals. These opportunities create a positive culture of trust. 

    Video  -  Come along on our strategic planning journey through this video that captures the work we’ve done thus far.

    Timeline  -  A timeline of the meetings and feedback opportunities to date.

    Definitions  -  Definitions of the language we use as we work on the strategic plan.

    We Want Your Feedback!!!  -  Use this feedback form to share your thoughts on the draft plan. We need your help to continue to shape the plan!