Student Data Privacy

  • Student Data Privacy

    The Aspen School District believes every student should have access to the best in educational resources and technology. To support this belief, the District utilizes a variety of websites and web-based applications to deliver and supplement curriculum, teach 21st-century skills, provide interventions, measure progress, and conduct business. 

    Keeping student data safe and secure is paramount to the District. This webpage is provided to help you understand more about how student data is handled.

    Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    Student Personally Identifiable Information is data that, alone or in combination, personally identifies an individual student or the student's parent or family. 

    The district collects and maintains PII via information provided by the parent/guardian (usually at registration) or based on student performance (usually in the form of scores and grades (e.g., report cards and transcripts). We strive to collect only enough information to comply with mandatory state and federal reports and to provide educational services to our students. 

    To review the data elements collected and submitted to the Colorado Department of Education as part of our required state reporting, please visit the CDE Data Portal. 

    The District is currently working to provide a list of data elements containing PII above and beyond the information collected by the Colorado Department of Education. That list will be available on this website this Fall.

    Contract Providers

    A School Service Contract Provider is an entity that provides a service subject to a formal, negotiated contract. Effective August 10, 2016 for any new or renewal contracts, Contract Providers must agree to comply with Colorado Revised Statutes sections 22-16-108 to 22-16-110. 

    A list of School Service Contract Providers with whom the Aspen School District has negotiated agreements is available here: List of School Service Contract Providers 

    Note: the district is currently working to provide a complete list of School Service Contract Providers and their contracts. This list will continue to be updated as contracts are made available online.

    On-Demand Providers

    A School Service On-Demand Provider is an entity that provides a service subject to agreement to standard, non-negotiable terms and conditions of service established by the provider. 

    A list of School Service On-Demand Providers used by at least one employee for school services is available here: List of School Service On-Demand Providers

    Providers may be used with only particular grade levels, classrooms, or schools, and are not necessarily used district-wide. This list will be updated at the beginning and mid-point of each school year. 

    NOTICE TO ON-DEMAND PROVIDERS: if the Aspen School District ceases to use, or refuses to use an on-demand school service provider pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 22-16-107 (3)(c), the district will post the name of the on-demand provider, accompanied by any written response that the on-demand provider may submit, on this website, and will notify the Colorado Department of Education which will post on its website the on-demand provider's name and any written response.

    Board Policies

    In accordance with CRS 22-16-107, the district is working to implement updated Board policies addressing student information privacy and protection no later than December 2017.


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