• Below you will find 3 links to all of the important Ex Ed information. The slideshow contains "how to" information, as well as brief course descriptions, costs, & dates. Please click on the course catalog for more detailed course information. If you will need a scholarship, please fill out the scholarship form.
    Ex Ed sign ups will begin on MONDAY, MARCH 19th. There will be a link on this page, so please come back here after you have thought about your Ex Ed choices and officially sign up. You will need to print out the email receipt you receive after you sign up, and bring in your $150 deposit.
    The LOTTERY will be held Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (March 21st, 22nd, 23rd) during lunch in the Skier Dome.

    Ex-Ed Information Slide Show 2018

    Ex-Ed Course Catalog 2018

    2018 Ex Ed Course Selection Form

    Ex-Ed Scholarship Form (Students will need to sign-in to their aspenk12 account)