Mr. Fields Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies

  • Year Overview 

    6Th Grade Students will be covering writing, core grammar and literacy techniques on a daily basis:
    •Writing: Our writing structure is generally topic driven by the student; a direct and clear purpose is the expectation for each piece of writing while adhering to state standards through a predetermined rubric. Daily journal entries will allow for free flow writing while specific genres: Narrative, Persuasive and Research will encompass most of our structured writing. Electronic copies are required for each structured piece of wtiting and will be turned in via teachers Drop Box on website.
    •Grammar: Daily grammar lessons will be infused into writing practice, as the best dynamic for learning proper grammar technique is through personal experience and practice. Grammar practice packets will be available on the teacher's web page. Each student's expectation is that they complete the required grammar packet each week, weather in school or absent, to stay current with class lessons. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Spelling tests may also be given.
    •Literacy: Students will be required to read daily! This may be in and out of school, but will be required to show reading progress and growth through reading conferences with the teacher, reading logs, and presentations.