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Mr. Scott Reed

Hello and welcome to Mr. Reed's history webpage extravaganza! My name is Scott Reed and I'm looking forward to starting my first year here in Aspen High School.  I have a BA in history and an MA in teaching from Trinity University. Recently I returned from abroad in the UK where I taught Geography and GCSE Philosophy and Ethics at an international school for three years.  Before that I taught World History and World Geography in the Texas public school system for several years.  

I have a passion for history and have pursued many associated hobbies that some might consider outside the range of normalcy.  Perhaps even "weird" or alternatively  "super-awesome-and-cool" would be apt descriptors.  I studied traditional Okinawan martial arts for 15 years, lamellar armorcraft, Tuvan throat-singing (practice ongoing!), Taoist philosophy, and even some viking sewing for a while.  The last one didn't work out too well as I don't have the patience and have plenty of socks.

The point of all of this rambling is to show that I have a love of world history, culture, craft, philosophy, and behavior.  I hope to nurture that love of the world in everyone I meet.  There is a lot of stuff in this Earth and I hope to share my knowledge and experiences with students and, in return, see the knowledge and experience they have to offer. We're going to learn a lot together!  

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