• Library day is part of the 6 day rotation!  
            Check with your child's teacher for your child's library day.
           * Books are checked out for 1 full 6 day rotation.
           If you checked the book out on Day 1,
           it is due Day 1 of the next week.
           * If you forget your book or books on your library day,
           you may put one book on the Save Shelf.
           When you return one book you may check out
           the book from the save shelf.  
           Books stay on the Save Shelf for 2 days.
            Tips To Make Your Child's
    •      Post your child's library day in a visible place.
                   For example a post-it note on the refrigerator.
     Have one special place, a table, shelf,
                   or basket in your home where the library
                   book "lives" when not being read.
                            Have your child put their library book in their backpack
                 the night before their library day!
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