• Ascent Students in Action (2021-22)

    On Thursdays during recess, AMS Ascent students present about topics/knowledge they are interested in as well as projects they are independently working on.  

  • Our first presenter made an infinity mirror and shared his project philosophy and process with attendees. His opening statement included the following points: believe in your vision to make something you want; ask for help in order to learn; outline your goals, steps and desired materials; and, follow through with your goals and plan so your project comes to life. 

  • A student presented about Chocolate & Child Labor. By tossing chocolates into the garbage, a very compassionate audience celebrated the commitment to not eating chocolate produced by companies that endorse child labor.

  • Two students presented Rubik's Cube strategies! Their peers learned how to step-by-step-solve the quirky boxes! What's the trick? Maybe think outside the "box," ha!

  • A student presented about Robert Frost's poetry and offered a poetry reflection and poetry writing activity for his peers. Inspired by Robert Frost and by each other, here are the poems they collectively scribed: 

    Nature is Life
    Nature, when everything is alive
    Growing up to someday thrive
    Dark trees, green leaves
    Lots of happy human beings
    Big dark trees in the jungle, giving people shade
    Making people happy and healthy, life’s parade


    A Stroll Through the Dark
    Through the forest on the floor
    Looking up at trees galore
    Through the darkest troubles of my journey
    A ray cuts through the twigs and trees
    And I know I am free
    Even in the darkest night
    There is always a twinkle of light
    Even if I get afright
    I know I will pull through with courage and might
    With flakes of shimmering snow
    There’s something deeper to know
    The swish and sway of the trees
    Cold shivering through my knees


  • A student presented about flight simulation. He wants to be a pilot someday, and he independently studies flight technology and skills by using flight simulation programs on his computer. He captivated his audience with his passion for and knowledge of flying. Ask him about the names of and facts about commercial planes and he'll list them for you!

  • A student presented about sailing foils and showed us THIS VIDEO. Wow! 

  • A student presented about Women in History!

  • On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays during recess, we engage in collaborative, critical thinking and creativity-rich games, trivia and independent projects! This spring we are making logic puzzles for the Pitkin County Library's "StoryWalk Aspen Presents PuzzleWalk."