Master Teacher

  •     Explore                              Collaborate                                    Lead           

    Columns Eligibility: Masters Degree + 60 credits with Non-Probationary Status OR Masters Degree + 3 years at Aspen School District

    Process: For Explore and Collaborate, teachers submit an application with a focus of study and the master teacher committee approves or requests resubmission of the application. Teachers may complete the Explore and Collaborate Pillar only once.  For Lead, teachers submit an application and the committee will review based upon the Lead Pillar Criteria.  See each page (links above) for details on that particular pillar. 

    All coursework must be NEW (after June 1, 2018).   

    Conversion Rate: 1 credit = 15 hours = 15 points

    100 points are required to fulfill Explore and Collaborate and must be completed within 5 years of approval by committee.

    Committee (10 max to start): 2 teachers from each building, 2 administrators and 2 AEA representatives. New committee members will be selected as needed and join in June and January. 

    The Master Teacher Committee will be approving teacher applications with any appeals evaluated by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.


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    Master Teacher Completion Form for Collaborate, Explore and Lead