IB Course Descriptions and Aims

  • Group 1

    Language A:  English Literature HL

    Language A:  English Language & Literature SL

    Language A:  Spanish Self-Taught Literature SL


    Group 2

    Language B: Aquisition Spanish SL / HL

    Language B: Aquisition French SL / HL

    Language B: Aquisition English SL


    Group 3

    Business Management SL / HL

    History  HL

    Psychology SL / HL

    Economics SL

    Art History SL


    Group 4

    Biology  SL / HL

    Physics  SL / HL

    Computer Science SL


    Group 5

    Mathematics Analysis & Approaches  SL / HL

    Mathematics Applications & Interpretations SL


    Group 6

    Visual Arts HL

    Film SL

    Music SL

    Theatre SL


    IB Core:

    TOK (Theory of Knowledge)

    EE (Extended Essay)

    CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)