• 11 best political books of all time: Politics and Prose (an amazing Washington, D.C. bookstore)'s list of the best political books of all time, via Christian Science Monitor. 


    20 Books to Inspire Social Change: American Library Associations's (ALA) Young Adult Library Services Association's list of books that will get you motivated to help.


    Diversity in YA: Celebrate[s] young adult books about all kinds of diversity, from race to sexual orientation to gender identity and disability. Our goal is to bring attention to books and authors that might fall outside the mainstream, and to bring the margin to the center. We encourage an attitude of openness and curiosity, and we welcome questions and discussion.


    Disabiltiy in Kidlit: Disability in Kidlit is dedicated to discussing the portrayal of disability in middle grade and young adult literature. We publish articles, reviews, interviews, and discussions examining this topic from various angles—and always from the disabled perspective.


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    Unity. Kindness. Peace: A booklist created by the ALA's Association for Library Service to Children to "created to share the message of creating unity, acting with kindness toward others, and promoting peace."