Advanced Geometry Period 7

  • Bernadette Pelinski

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  • This course is designed to educate students on the relevant aspects of Geometry in order to build a solid foundation for success in either the Algebra II/Pre-Calculus sequence or the IB curriculum*. To be adequately prepared for the IB Mathematics curriculum, it is required that students take both Advanced Geometry and Advanced Algebra II.

     Geometry concepts in this course are: solid and plane geometry, describing/applying properties of congruent and similar figures; coordinate geometry; making and testing conjectures about geometric properties; use of right triangle trigonometry; logic and reasoning; volume and surface area.  The Advanced Geometry student explores these topics at a deeper level than the Standard Geometry student.  Additionally, non-right triangle trigonometry is an extension topic.

    Advanced Geometry will cover the same topics as Geometry in more depth and with extensions that have a greater degree of difficulty. Additionally, logic and trigonometric functions will be covered, as well as geometric probability.  Students will also be asked to complete a set of assignments that develop practices and habits of mind that are the foundation of academic or professional careers in or related to mathematics. A small materials fee may be required. 

    *We encourage students who intend to take the IB Mathematics course, especially the HL portion of it, to take as rigorous a mathematics course-load as is reasonable. If it is possible, students may take Advanced Geometry and Advanced Algebra II courses concurrently. 

  • To access the online textbook, please take the following steps:

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    3.  Enter Password:  math81611

    4.  Enter PIN #:  81611


    **I do not recommend that you change the password.  If you lose the new password, there is no way for me to find out what it was.**

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