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    Accountability & Accreditation

    Dr. David Baugh
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    District Mission
    Students will realize their full potential,
    appreciate the relevance of their education,
    be excited to learn, and be
    empowered for success!
    District Strategies
    • Maintain a clear and shared sense of purpose focused on student learning
    • Create high achieving learning environments for all students
    • Reduce the achievement gap and enhance the learning opportunities for all students
    • Use assessments to measure student achievement and instructional practices while tying assessment design and content to new outcomes
    • Develop people and their capacity to learn as this learning leads an organization toward the pursuit of quality and excellence
    School Specific Information
    To view annual report information for each
    Aspen School District school, please
    click the following link:
    District-wide Information
    To view annual report information for the Aspen School District, which includes the following information (Assessment Data, Accreditation, Accountability, Post-Secondary Readiness, and Student Engagement) please
    click the following link:
    Accreditation Status
    The Aspen School District continues to maintain its status as “Accredited with Distinction” by the Colorado Department of Education. This is the state’s highest accreditation category possible. 
    Teacher Quality Data
     To view District-wide data related to Highly Qualified (HQ) Teachers as defined by No Child Left Behind (NCLB), please click the following link: 
    Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
    No Child Left Behind

    To view Adequate Yearly Progress data for Colorado,
    please click the following link: 

    District Budget, Revenues and Expenditures
     To view information related to the District’s budget and finances, including the most recently completed independent financial audit, please click the
    following link:
    Student Engagement
    To view district-by-district data in specific education areas as well as a yearly collection of general education statistics (e.g., graduation rates, attendance information, drop-out statistics, expelled/suspended students) for the state, please click the following link: 
    National Assessment for Educational Progress
    To view NAEP results for Colorado students as well as disaggregated data by race, ethnicity, English language learners, economically disadvantages or students with
    disabilities, please click the following link:
    Unified Improvement Plan
    The district and school performance frameworks provide a snapshot of the district or school's level of attainment on academic achievement, growth, growth gaps and postsecondary readiness.

    Improvement plans provide information on the district or school's data trends, root causes and targets, and identify strategies and resources the district or school will use to improve student academic outcomes. As planning is an ongoing process, these documents reflect a "point in time" plan submission. To access the Unified Improvement Plan click the following link:
    Colorado Growth Model (SchoolView™ )
    SchoolView is a web-based portal developed by the Colorado Department of Education designed to provide information which allows the general public to compare the performance of Colorado schools and districts and gauge their progress, access performance data for all schools and districts across the state, explore video and other resources for parents, and connect with others about school improvement. To access the Colorado Growth Model
    click the following link:

    Parent and Community Survey
    The goals of this survey were to obtain current opinions regarding the strengths and areas in need of improvement for the Aspen School District. The survey encompassed such topics as: overall satisfaction, specific school functioning, and academic and non-academic programming. The survey was administered online and parents were given the opportunity to take it during spring parent teacher conferences. Surveys were completed by 249 participants. The results of this survey represent approximately 20% of the population of each school building.

    The data from this survey is used by building accountability committees, principals, and faculty members to help identify goals and actions for the subsequent school year(s). Ultimately, the data from this survey and the associated action plans became an integral part of the District Accountability and Accreditation processes.

    A summary of the most recent Parent and Community Survey may be downloaded by clicking the following link: 
    Parent and Community Survey Results