Biology I

  • Miller & Levine Biology textbook cover

    Welcome to Kim's Biology I page  
     This course is designed to introduce and develop students' skills in the life sciences. 
    Please use Google Classroom to access all class information.

    Quick tips:

    You will be expected to bring your binder, pen/pencil, paper, your BYOD (and printed notes if you chose to have them) to class every day.  Notes can be printed prior to class from Google Classroom. Required textbook reading pages are assigned on the first slide of each PowerPoint.  Students are expected to read the required reading that corresponds to the PowerPoint at their own pace.  Information from the textbook readings will not be checked by the teacher, but are fair game for tests.

Google Classroom

  • Students are using Google Classroom to access their assignments, announcements, calendars, and homework.  It is a collaborative environment in which important class information and files are shared. Only students in our aspenk12 domain can access Google Classroom. You are encouraged to have your child log in and show you how this powerful tool helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate, and be organized in a private environment.


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