Parent Technology FAQ

  • This page is intended to help answer some basic questions about systems we have in place at the Aspen School District that you as a parent need to be aware of. This page is a work in progress and will be continually updated.

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    Q: What is PowerSchool?

    A: PowerSchool is our Student Information System and is where you will go to check your student’s grades (grades 5 -12), current schedule, attendance information, and lunch transactions/balance.

    Q: Where can I get my username and password?

    A: Your username and password may have already been emailed home to you. If you need assistance recovering it, you can contact the front office of the building your student is in and they will help you reset your credentials. Parents of new 5-12 grade students will receive a document upon registration that contains the information they need to set up a PowerSchool account.  If your student is not new and you don’t know your username and password, you can contact the front office of the building your student is in and they will help you reset your credentials.

    Q: How do i log into PowerSchool?

    A: You can bookmark the following link for quick access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal:

    A: You can also find the login page from our website - Look for the navigation link titled For Parents.


    Q: What is Schoolwires?

    • Schoolwires is the name of the company that hosts our District website - All District, School, and classroom information can be found here. When you hear Schoolwires, think District website.

    Q: What will a username and password give me access to at the District website?

    A: A username and password will allow you to customize your experience on our District website - including a personalized calendar that will allow you to keep track all of your student’s school activities from from place.

    A: Some pages and content on the site may require a username and password in order to view.

    Q: How do i get a username and password for the District website?

    A: This information may have been emailed home or given to you at the time of registration. If you do not have a username and password, please contact the front office of your student’s building.

    Q: I have my username and password, now what?

    A: We have compiled a number of resources to help you understand how to set-up and customize your MyView Dashboard from within Schoolwires. Your MyView Dashboard will be your landing page when you log into the District site. You will be able to customize it with District, school, and classroom information based on what classes your students are enrolled in. Please click here to access user guides and video video tutorials to help get you started.

    Q: What is a PassKey?

    A: A PassKey is a feature that you can add to your account that allows you to automatically log in to various online school resources all by just logging into your Schoolwires account. For example, if I add the ASD Google Drive App, I’ll need to enter my username and password once, but after that everytime that I click on the Google Drive PassKey, I’ll be automatically taken to my Drive without having to log in. We look forward to adding PassKeys for all of our online resources!

    Registration Gateway

    Registration Gateway is our online registration system for new and returning students.

    Parents of returning students will receive an email in early August reminding them of their credentials to log into Registration Gateway at   The email will also include information on important dates as to when registration will take place and what you need to provide to your school.  

    Parents of new students will also register online first at  During the online registration they will be given instructions as the when they will come in to the school to complete registration and submit all documents.


    School Appointments

    Parents of all K-12 students will sign up for parent teacher conferences using the same web site.  Our school appointments web site is:  The link will also be located on each school’s home page at

    You will receive a notification via email as to when you can begin scheduling appointments for your students.

    If you used this system for the previous conferences use the same credentials you created last term. Enter your email address and the password you created. We do not have access to your password. If you forgot the password you created then click on the Forgot Password tab above the login box to reset.

    Instant Payments

    The following are instructions on how to create an account online for paying for lunches by credit card or check.  The company ASD uses is Secure Instant Payments.  These fees are charged through this company for using either credit card or check; Credit Card ~ 3% = 0.50 ($1.50 min.) and eCheck (ACH) ~ 0.49.  You can always send cash with your student to purchase lunch each day or send a check to the front office to be posted to your students lunch account.

    • logon and at the top of page under “Our Schools” pick the school your student attends.
    • On left hand side of page under Quick Links click on Online Lunch Payments.  The Instant Payment page should appear.
    • On the right hand side of page click “Create New Account” / Under Edit User Profile you will create an account login and password.  Fill out all information.  Make note of your log in name and password.
    • Once the account is created, you can add your child.  You must have their student number (5 digit#) that can be obtained from front office of the school your child attends.  When adding the name, you must use correct first and last name given on birth certificate Ex: Nicholas not Nick.  The name needs to match what is in PowerSchool.  You can also ass names if you have children in any of the other schools and have them all under one account login.
    • Follow the prompts for making a payment.

    The balances are updated nightly at 9:00pm.  The front office of all schools must download the payments from Secure Instant Payments to PowerSchool.  This might take a few days.  Each school is on a different schedule of when they download payments.  You are able to receive email reminders when your child’s account is in the negative.
    If you are having trouble creating an account please contact the front office of any school for help.