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     Feb 20


    WELCOME JUNIORS - Class of 2021

    Junior year is a time to explore post-secondary options and begin to understand the exciting journey ahead. 

    All Juniors will take the College & Career Discovery Class this year which provides the fundamentals of self-knowledge, career exploration, and college knowledge so that students are prepared for this important time of life.  Discovery Class also covers all things related to the college application process and timeline including the college essay, test prep, and financial aid.

    Juniors are asked to schedule two Individual meetings with College Counseling - the first may be scheduled after Thanksgiving and the second during the second semester.   When scheduling an appointment, students should book with their assigned College Counselor (generally the one who has taught/will teach your Discovery Class). If you are not currently in Discovery, please refer to the Counselor listed in Naviance (click on "About Me" and then "My Account"). Prior to your 1st Individual Meeting, both students and parents are asked to complete short intake surveys to provide our office with valuable information that will serve as a foundation for the meeting. Survey links: for Students, for Parents.  An optional 3rd Individual Meeting may also be scheduled.

    College Counseling also offers a series of grade-level evening Parent Meetings and morning Counselor Coffees as well as the College Application Case Study program on April 2nd. And, on April 8th we will circle-up the Juniors (rising Seniors) as a group to ensure that letters of recommendation have been requested from teachers and so that all are clear on their Summer Check List/Senior Bootcamp Homework.

    Finally, Naviance is an online system that lets students research colleges, build college lists and eventually tracks your college application submissions.  Parents may access their child's Naviance account.  Please contact Susanne Morrison for your Naviance parent registration code.

    We look forward to working with all of you.

    - Charlie, Karen & Susanne


    February 18 - Class Registration Meeting (for rising Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors) |  5-6 PM Seminar Room

    February 20 - Counselor Coffee for Parents:  Colorado School of Mines' Admissions Director, Kim Medina leading a discussion on STEM Schools | 8-9am | BOE Conference Room

    March 5 - Career Expo | Glenwood Springs High School 

    April 2 - College Application Case Study | 5:30-8:30pm | District Theater and Aspen High School Classrooms

    April 8 - Rising Senior Check-in | 1:15 - 2pm | Seminar Room

    April 14 - SAT Colorado School Day Administration | 8am-1pm | Aspen High School

    April 29 - Final Junior & Parent College Meeting | 5:30 - 7pm | Seminar Room

    August 20 - Senior Boot Camp | 10am - 2pm | Seminar Room


    ACT SAT test dates




    Did you know that Parents may access their child's Naviance account?  Please contact Susanne Morrison for your Naviance parent registration code. 

    College & Career Discovery Class Overview

    Testing Registration SAT (via College Board) and ACT 

    Fairtest.org's list of test-optional schools



Junior Meeting Scheduler!

  • Juniors click here to schedule your:

    • 1st Individual Junior & Parent Meeting (after Thanksgiving)
    • 2nd Individual Junior & Parent Meeting (in the Spring)
    • Optional 3rd Individual Meeting

    Before your 1st Individual Meeting ...

    both students and parents are asked to complete short intake surveys. 

    Intake for Students

    Intake for Parents

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