• Below is a collection of resources that can assist you in college exploration. 
    Naviance SuperMatch: Students can select from over 20 search criteria that will help them find colleges that are the right fit for them. Then, they can research the resulting schools and add them to their “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list. Log into your Naviance account, on the home page click on the "colleges" tab, then click on "SuperMatch" in the College Research.
    Collegedata.com: A site that guides you through the college search. It tends to be very data driven, including statistics and averages related to percent of students accepted, test scores, gpa averages, etc.
    Youniversitytv.com Makes college a virtual reality at one convenient online location. 
    Ivywise Blog: A private admissions consulting company that offers insightful and relevant blogs worth checking out.
    Big Future by CollegeBoard: The quintessential college and scholarship search site. CollegeBoard also owns the SAT and students can sign up for the SAT and SAT2s on this site. 
    CollegeConfidential: Very extensive search options and it includes testimonials from students about their experiences.