Aviation Program

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  • Mission Statement

    To provide a rigorous aviation focused educational program preparing students for unlimited opportunities, including college achievement, career success, and engaged citizenship.

    Vision Statement

    To establish and maintain a culture of aviation excellence through providing our students the opportunity to pursue their aspirations within the aerospace industry emphasizing the three concepts of Safety First, Professionalism, and Pursuit of Excellence.

    About the ASD Aviation Program

    The Aspen School District (ASD) aviation program was established in 2014 in partnership with the Aspen Flight Academy to provide an extraordinary opportunity for students to pursue aviation education. Dedicated professionals and community leaders support the aviation program to provide a one of a kind experience for the students. The aviation program leverages workforce experience and the education system so that each student has quality experiences leading to lifelong learning and career success.

    Aviation Classes

    Aviation I - Exploration

    This course will provide the foundation for advanced exploration in the areas of flying, airport management, and unmanned aircraft systems. Students will learn about engineering practices, problem solving, and the innovations and technological developments that have made today’s aviation and aerospace industries possible. Students will also learn about the wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers available to them.

    Aviation II

    This course will introduce students to basic aircraft and UAS structures and their major components, principles of flight, and the fundamental physical laws affecting flight. Students will learn about basic aerodynamics and forces that act on aircraft in flight.

    Aviation III

    This course will include topics such as: pilot and aircraft qualifications, principles of flight, aerodynamics, spin awareness, flight maneuvers, pre- and post-flight procedures, airport operations, regulations, safety, weather, aircraft systems, weight and balance, human factors, cockpit management, emergency procedures, night operations, aeronautical decision-making, cross-country flight planning, airspace, and other topics that help prepare students for the Federal Aviation Administration's Private Pilot written exam.

    Aviation IV

    After having prepared for the Private Pilot Knowledge Test and Part 107 Remote Pilot Test in the previous year, students will examine advanced aviation topics and aviation career options. Instrument flight, commercial aviation, and advanced aircraft systems begin the semester. Looking into the future, students then explore new horizons in the aerospace industry. What might aviation look like five, ten, or twenty years into the future? The focus then turns to business development opportunities in aviation. Finally, students learn about and conduct different types of research in preparation for their capstone project in the second semester.

Every Student Flies

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