7th Grade Theatre: Center Stage

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    Aspen Middle School


    7th Grade Theatre

    The Black Box Theater


    Instructor:  Mrs. Logan Carter
    970-925-3760 x1022  

    Course Description: 7th grade theatre begins to focus on interpretation and performance as students gain more in-depth understanding of theatrical elements & principles. We will begin to examine scripts and learn basic acting techniques. Through reading scripted materials, students analyze characters, study dialogue and design stage movements to solve theatrical problems. Through research, creative thinking, problem solving and improvisation, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in theatre and in life!

    7th Grade CDE Standards:

    1. Create

    1. Characterization throughout a scripted or improvised scene

    2. Contributions in improvisation and play building

    3. Technical and design elements in improvised and scripted work

    2. Perform

    1. Acting techniques in performance

    2. Apply aspects of technology within a production

    3. Critically Respond

    1. Influence of contemporary and historical elements in theatrical works

    2. Critical evaluation in discussing theatrical works

    3.             Individual and collaborative contributions

    Expectations: Homework can include (but is not limited to) learning lines, completing worksheets, written reflections, individual & group projects. Students are responsible for keeping themselves and their parents informed about their progress and grades. All grades will be visible on Power School. Grading is based on the following:

    Assignments/projects/meeting deadlines:          50%

    Class participation, discipline and personal growth:   50%


    Students will receive a participation grade, worth up to 10 points per week. In order to receive a 10 out of 10 that week, I must see STARF behavior, and evidence that the student made an effort to at least try in every activity that week.

    More important than becoming a “star” in my class is becoming a STARF.  STARF stands for:

    S- Supportive – Are you encouraging of other’s work and efforts?

    T- Team player- Do you contribute your fair share to your group, class or partner?

    A- Attitude. Did you maintain a positive attitude throughout class?

    R- Respectful- Did you treat others (and the teacher) with respect?

    F- Focused Fun. Theatre is FUN! I want you to have fun, as long as you stay focused on the task at hand.



    Two days are allowed to complete make up work for credit after an EXCUSED absence.   If a situation arises where you need to turn your work in after the due date, you must communicate with me beforehand. Communication is the key to success!

    Any questions? Please ask!!!!!  I am here for you!, so please do not hesitate to ask for clarification or help.  I am excited to have you in class and I look forward to a great quarter!

    7th Grade Theatre Norms
    (Students came up with these together in class)
     7th Grade Norms

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