IB Theatre I & II

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    Black Box Theatre

    Instructor:  Mrs. Logan Carter 970-925-3760 x1022 lcarter@aspenk12.net

               cell: 720-936-9732

    For this course you will NEED:

    1. BYOD- Please bring your own laptop to class every day. We may not use it every day.
    2. “IB Theatre” Folder in Google Drive, shared with me
    3. Binder/folder for handouts/assignments
    4. A passion for theatre, a willingness to take risks, courage to step out of your comfort zone and an eagerness to learn and be challenged!



    CLICK HERE (see attached) to see Important Dates such as Drop Deadline, Tech Week & Performance Schedule, Thescon Dates, Spring Musical Auditions & Performances, etc.


      • AHS Spring Musical, Auditions Nov. 2-3
      • FALL PLAY PERFORMANCES: Students are required to attend a performance and write a critique: Nov. 30-Dec. 3
      • THESCON: (Theatre Conference in Denver, ALL IB Theatre students are encouraged to attend) Dec. 7-9
      • AHS Spring Musical, Rehearsals begin: Dec. 11
      • AHS Spring Musical, Performances: March 15-18


    • Assessment 1 Due: Oct. 20- Collaborative Project
    • Assessment 2 Due: Dec. 19- Research Presentation
    • Assessment 3 Due: Feb. 27- Director’s Notebook
    • Assessment 4 Due: April 20- Solo Theatre Piece



    • Google Classroom IB Theatre:: Here you will be able to access all the documents, assignments, calendars and due dates for IB Theatre.
    • Aspen High School Facebook page: “Like” this page to receive FB updates on the Theatre Department performances, auditions, etc.


    • To increase student knowledge and investigation of theatre in the world.
    • To emphasize the importance of working individually and as a member of an ensemble.
    • To encourage the development of organizational and technical skills needed to express oneself creatively
    • To expand critical and creative thinking and apply criteria for evaluating works.
    • To challenge students to become aware of their own perspectives and biases and learn to understand and value those of others

    Course Description: Theatre is about transformation and communication. It is the application, through play, of energy and imagination to reflect, expose, critique and speculate. The IB theatre course is designed to encourage students to deepen their understanding and experience of theatre in its diversity of forms from around the world. This is achieved through a critical study of the theory, history and culture of theatre, and will be expressed through original works as well as scripted performance. Students will come to understand that the act of imagining, creating, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre in its past and present contexts gives the student a strong foundation upon which to develop, continue and inspire the traditions in our own culture.

    Attendance and Participation

    Good attendance is the key to success.  I expect students to arrive promptly and prepared for class. You will always need to bring your theatre journal and pencil to class, although we will not always use them. We will always begin class with a warm-up activity. This consists of physical and vocal exercises to help you focus and be present for class. Students are responsible for keeping themselves and their parents informed about their progress and grades. All grades will be visible on Schoolwires.


    **NEW ATTENDANCE POLICY: Deadlines for assignments, assessments, performances and presentations are set in advance and you will be responsible for meeting those deadlines, REGARDLESS OF EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. If you know you will be absent on a day when a presentation or performance is due, you are required to re-schedule a time to perform with me BEFORE the date of the absence. IF you fail to communicate an upcoming absence which falls on the date of a PERFORMANCE OR PRESENTATION, you will be given a 0 for that grade. Performances usually involve more than 1 student and therefore you will be letting your whole group/partner down if you are absent! It is your responsibility to contact me outside of school hours to make up missed classes, I will not come to you.


    Any questions? Please ask!!!!!  I am here for you!, so please do not hesitate to ask for clarification or help.  You can set up a time to meet with me by emailing or calling me at the contact info listed above. You are responsible for your own learning and success.  I am excited to have you in class and I look forward to a great year!

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Google Classroom

  • Students are using Google Classroom to access their assignments, announcements, calendars, and homework.  It is a collaborative environment in which important class information and files are shared. Only students in our aspenk12 domain can access Google Classroom. You are encouraged to have your child log in and show you how this powerful tool helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate, and be organized in a private environment.


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