Fall Play Production




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  • The Black Box Theater

    Instructor: Mrs. Logan Carter 970-925-3760 x1022 Cell: 720-936-9732

    E-mail: Lcarter@aspenk12.net


    For this course you will NEED:

    1. BYOD- Please bring your own lap top to class every day. We may not use it every day.
    2. “Fall Play” Google Classroom- add yourself as a student for all assignments, due dates
    3. Script- provided by me
    4. Binder for script- provided by YOU
    5. Course Fee of $40 Due by FRI. Sept. 1. Cash/check/online. Make check out to Aspen High School. Pay online at www.aspenk12.net, under “PARENTS”, “ONLINE PAYMENTS”



    • CLICK HERE (see attached) to see Important Dates such as Drop Deadline, Tech Week & Performance Schedule, Thescon Dates, Spring Musical Auditions & Performances, etc.



    • Google Classroom:: Here you will be able to access all the documents, assignments, calendars and due dates on a separate Google Calendar specific to the Fall Play Production.
    • Aspen High School Theatre FACEBOOK page: “Like” on Facebook for updates on local productions and performing opportunities.



    • To increase student knowledge and investigation of theatre in performance and production
    • To emphasize the importance of working individually and as a member of an ensemble.
    • To encourage the development of organizational and technical skills needed to express oneself creatively
    • To expand critical and creative thinking and apply criteria for evaluating scripted works.


    Course Description: This course provides an in-depth, hands-on practical training on all areas of producing and performing a play, emphasizing creative expression; including acting, costuming, make-up, lighting, scenic design and construction, stage management, sound design and more. Students will be on stage and behind the scenes as the Tech Crew while working on the play chosen by the students and Director for the class. The class will culminate into 3 (or 4) final performances (required) for the school and community. NOTE: Although the majority of the rehearsals will be held during class, there will be some additional rehearsal time outside of school required as we get closer to the performances, see IMPORTANT DATES..


    Consists of memorization of lines, occasional projects and readings. Once we have staged (blocked) a scene, it is each cast members responsibility to memorize and practice. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Students are responsible for keeping themselves and their parents informed about their progress and grades. All grades will be visible on Power School.


    Attendance and Participation

    Attendance is EXTREMELY important to the success of the class and the play.  You will be given 10 participation points DAILY for being in class, on time. Because this course culminates into a final performance of a play, I ask that you consider this class your JOB.  I expect students to arrive promptly and prepared for class. You will always need to bring your personal device (lap top, etc), script and pencil to class, although we will not always use them. We will always begin class with a warm-up activity. This consists of physical and vocal exercises to help you focus and be present for class. IF you know you are going to be absent from class I need to know ASAP, at least ONE DAY  prior to your absence. You are allowed THREE excused absences before your grade is affected.


    Absence Policy

    All absences that are communicated to and approved by Logan at least one day prior to the absence are excused and I will do the best I can to catch you up on what you missed.

    • 1 unexcused absence results in being cut from the scene that we worked on that day.
    • 2 unexcused absences result in being cut from the show.

    **Any unexcused absence from an after-school Tech rehearsal or Performance will result in a FAILING grade for the course.


    Lost scripts

    $5 fee for each replacement. Scripts left at rehearsal are irresponsible and will result in deduction of daily participation points.  


    Any questions? Please ask!!!!!  I am here for you!, Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification or help. You are responsible for your own learning and success.  I am excited to have you in class and I look forward to a great semester and a FANTASTIC production!

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Google Classroom

  • Students are using Google Classroom to access their assignments, announcements, calendars, and homework.  It is a collaborative environment in which important class information and files are shared. Only students in our aspenk12 domain can access Google Classroom. You are encouraged to have your child log in and show you how this powerful tool helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate, and be organized in a private environment.


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