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    In the News ... 

     2/24/21 Testing Updates

    Let’s address the monster in the room -- testing. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, over 70% of colleges and universities adopted Test Optional policies for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. Florida state universities were the main exception last year. 

    What does Test Optional really mean? It literally means students can choose to submit or not submit their SAT or ACT test scores as an element of their application. Additionally, not submitting their test scores will not negatively impact their application.

    What does this mean for our Juniors? So far all of the Ivy League schools (see these announcements from Harvard, Cornell and Columbia) have already announced they will remain Test Optional for 2021-2022, and the Ivies tend to lead the way in terms of what other colleges decide to do.It is expected that most colleges will follow suit. Some colleges, like all University of California campuses are Test Blind. Test Blind means the admissions office will not even accept test scores. Period. You can keep up to date on colleges and their testing status here.

    Here are some stats from this year’s admissions cycle at some competitive Liberal Arts colleges:

    • At Trinity College, 90% of students who applied Early Decision did not submit tests (and 88% of those admitted Early were admitted without test scores). 88% of students who applied Regular Decision did not submit test scores.
    • At Macalester College, in its first year of being Test Optional, 50% of students did not submit test scores
    • At Lewis and Clark, which has been Test Optional since the early 1990’s, over 70% of the students did not submit test scores. 

    And here is a stat from an Ivy League -- 38% of Early Decision applicants to UPenn did not include their test scores, and of those admitted 24% did not submit test scores.

    So what does all this mean? Until all colleges announce they are Test Optional or Test Blind, Aspen High School’s Post-Secondary office recommends that all students take at least one test that they can submit, if required. In consultation with your Post-Secondary counselor, you can decide if you want to include your test scores with your application or not.

    Please note that on April 13, 2021, all Aspen High School juniors will take the SAT School Day test; freshman and sophomores will take the PSAT. Students will automatically be registered for these School Day tests.

    2/19/21 Two Great Events for Budding Artists

    The Aspen Art Museum is hosting a series for teens interested in applying to art school. You can pick and choose from five courses covering topics such as: Art School 101, Careers in the Arts, Portfolio, Artists Statement and more! Click here to sign up and find out more information on the series



    April 27th GlenX Career Expo | during Crew | Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

    April 28th School Day PSAT | Freshman, Sophomores

    April 28th Final Junior & Parent Evening Meeting | 5:30pm virtual | Juniors & Parents

    May 2nd Decision Day Bell Ringing Celebration | 4:30-6:30 pm Gondola Plaza | Seniors & families

    May 6th College Application Case Study Program | Sophomores, Juniors & Parents

    May 11th Rising Senior Check-in | during Crew | Juniors

    May 19th Final Senior & Parent Evening Meeting | 5:30pm | Seniors & Parents

    August 23rd Senior Boot Camp | 1pm | Seniors