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  • Check out the new mission, vision, and values created by K-12 English Language Arts teachers. 

    ELA Vision ELA Values

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  • The K-12 Mathematics Collaborative has come to consensus on a K-12 Vision, Mission, and Values for Math! This represents the collective thinking of almost 30 K-12 Mathematics teachers across the district and serves as a lens to filter all other curricular decisions. Huge shout out to those who contributed and for your dedication to upholding these values moving forward. 

    K-12 Mathematics Vision

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  • 2018-2019 Assessment Calendar


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  • What is ASD doing for Social and Emotional Health district-wide?

    1.) We have addressed social-emotional needs through the introduction of a comprehensive curriculum that builds from five strands of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. You can read more by going to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning at www.Casel.org.

    2.) Aspen Elementary is implementing MindUP, school-wide.  

    3.) Aspen Middle School is continuing to use Skier Traits to support students. 

    4.) Aspen High School is focusing on the SEE (Social Emotional and Ethical) curriculum from Emory University and have created lessons that will be shared with Ex-Ed groups twice a month. This practice in social emotional learning will be paired with the highly regarded Ex-Ed philosophy. 

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Curriculum Matters for Parents

  • Math: Why doesn't mine look like yours?

    Posted by Jenna Barclay on 10/9/2018

    Check out this great blog post by Wendy Ward Hoffer, PEBC Senior Director of Development and Innovation. Many of our Aspen School District teachers have been working with PEBC and continue to use their learning to transform their classrooms. 



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  • About the Common Core

    Posted by Jenna Barclay on 10/8/2018

    The Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) consist of the Common Core for Mathematics and English Langauge Arts. Find out more about the Common Core here: 


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  • Ever Wonder How Your Child Progresses Through Math?

    Posted by Jenna Barclay on 9/28/2018

    Check out these great videos by Graham Fletcher to better understand how your child progresses through math concepts. 


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  • Parents’ Beliefs about Math Change Their Children’s Achievement

    Posted by Jenna Barclay on 9/11/2018
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  • 6 Ways To Support Your Kids in Math

    Posted by Jenna Barclay on 9/10/2018

    Have you noticed math looks different now than from when you were a kid? Are you ondering how to support your kids in math? Check out the resources below to learn how to best support your student's math education. 


    Advice for Parents, from Professor Jo Boaler

    Consejos para padres, de la profesora Jo Boaler

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Curriculum Cycle

  • In order to give each content area the deep attention it deserves, curriculum will be reviewed and analyzed using a cycle approach. This approach allows us to collaboratively dig-deep with laser-like focus into a handful of content areas at a time, study outcomes, revise, and review and align quality, engaging resources. It also allows us time to implement new resources and analyze their impact over a course of time. The cycle is in alignment with the adoption of the new state standards from the Colorado Department of Education.



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