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    School Safety and Security
    The Aspen School District has broken out several categories related to the safety and security of students, parents, staff and the public along with a simple explanation of the District's safety protocols used across the campus and in all of our public schools.    
    An Emergency Operations Plan, developed from the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) created by iloveuguys.org, is the Plan that Aspen School District refers to for emergency situations. The guidelines set forth in this Plan provide proper protocol and resources for all staff in an emergency situation, with paramount importance placed on the safety and well-being of students, staff, and emergency responders. The success or failure of any response plan is largely dependent on planning, communication, training, and drills designed to prepare all responders and participants for their roles and responsibilities during a crisis situation.
    Aspen School District has created a guide to help parents better understand what happens and what is expected during a school crisis. We realize that in the event of a crisis, a parent's role is critical in working toward a safe outcome. Please read this important information found in "A Parent's Guide - School Crisis Management."  
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